12 July, 2020

Regional Centre

Assignment submission link for June 2020 session


Dear students of RC Delhi-1,

It is notified in supersession of all previous circulars regarding assignment submission by email by the learners of IGNOU RC Delhi-1. Due to the several issues/queries of the learners regarding their inabilities to send scanned file of hand written assignment by email, file size limitations, non-receipt of their submitted assignments, chances of missing of their assignments at any stage of assignment processing, and also for the smooth handling of the bulk of assignments received through emails by RC and LSCs staff and the concerned Academic Counsellors, a Google Form link is created as follows:



Please note that:


1.You may download Assignment Questions from the link:  https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/


2. Learners are requested to check IGNOU Regional Centre website and Regional Centre Facebook page for last date of assignment submission, if you have submitted your scanned copy of assignments earlier by email at any of the emails of IGNOU RC Delhi-1, then also you are required to re-submit the same assignment file in pdf (https://forms.gle/5Kj9C1353LnqBdq79). You have to submit the assignments of each course separately. Means, for example, for submitting assignments of two different courses, you have to fill this Google Form two times.


Important to Note:
"RCD1 has received a total of more than 1.13 Lakh assignment till 15.06.2020 3.30PM (the list will be updated at RCD1 website), as the capacity of this link is to accept all the files maximum size upto 1 TB. The alternate link is created to accommodate additional requirements of learners to submit their assignments on the link . Please note that learners are requested to submit the assignments only on one link.


*****There is no need to submit an assignment at this link if you have submitted on the link given earlier and your status at RC website showing receipt against your enrollment number for a said course.


The alternate link for submission of assignment from learners of RC Delhi1 (if earlier not submitted on google link ( (https://forms.gle/5Kj9C1353LnqBdq79): https://forms.gle/vatA6mxRHkponVYv9  


3. Those learners who have already submitted the hard copies of their assignments at their respective LSCS, they need NOT to re-submit their assignments again on this link.


4. You are advised to submit a pdf file of scanned copy of only the handwritten assignments. Each page of your assignments must carry your signature OR name and enrolment number. Don’t submit the same file again and again for the same course.


5. The first page of your assignment must carry the following details of the learner:


1. Name of the learner:

2. Enrollment number:

3. Regional Centre Code:

4. Study Centre Code:

5. Programme Code:

6. Course Code of attached assignments:

7. Mobile number:

8. Email ID:


6. For each Course, their assignment responses should be scanned in ONE single pdf file. Means, if there are 10 questions in one assignment, there should NOT be 10 separate pdf files of these 10 answers. These should be scanned in ONE single pdf file for easy uploading and downloading.


7. Name of the pdf file should be in the Unique Format, i.e., “Enrolment Number and Course Code”. For example, for MS01 assignment, pl. send the scanned copy of the handwritten assignment response in one pdf file with the File Name: 2001218290MS01.


8. After successful submission of assignments you will automatically receive a RECEIPT by email at your given email id. Pl keep it safe with you and do not forward the same to any IGNOU email.


9. Query in this regard, if any, may be emailed to Ms. Manju Kalra, Section Officer, IGNOU RC, Delhi-1 at manjukalra@ignou.ac.in.




(Dr. Ashok Sharma)

Regional Director